Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? Thank you.

YOU & the time you invest in our school help to make the Hunter Elementary experience so unique and amazing.

Find your way to CONNECT - SHOW UP - VOLUNTEER. 

Plan an event, help out in the library, sell merchandise at an event, run a booth at our carnival, solicit auction items for our benefit OR sign up for a specific upcoming event (further below).  Have a unique talent that could serve the school well—let the PTA know!  Not sure any of these fit your schedule or are up your alley, but want to do SOMETHING?
Please email our volunteer coordinators - Jill & Eileen ( and we’ll help connect you with right opportunity.
Whether you can give 1 or 20 hours, whether you can volunteer from school or home; EVERY hour you contribute makes a difference.  We would LOVE to see 100% parent volunteer engagement in the coming year. It really matters.  Help us to achieve that by finding the ways in which you can show up and contribute that work for you and for our school community.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you are an event chair and need to setup your sign up sheet, please email the IT officer at