Hunter College Elementary (and HCHS) are publicly funded, chartered by the board of Trustees of the City University of New York (CUNY), and administered by Hunter College. The school recognizes “that gifted students need an atmosphere of freedom in order to meet their own challenges and those presented to them, and a curriculum that emphasizes critical and creative thinking and mastery of the spectrum of the arts and sciences. They also require the vital stimulation of a strong program in physical education, and support for sound emotional development. The schools aspire to be a community in which students come to respect and to appreciate diversity in an environment that fosters social responsibility, ethical behavior, civility, and sensitivity toward others.

As a public school, HCES receives a limited amount of funding. The HCES PTA works to raise additional funds so that we can develop the environment that our children and school community need. Please join us in achieving this goal.

Here are the ways you can contribute: