ARRIVAL: What time is morning drop-off and where?

Arrival supervision begins at 8:00AM, in the playground. School begins at 8:20AM.

Fair Weather Days:

Students meet in the playground or courtyard at 8:00AM. At 8:19AM, a signal is given for students to line up in a designated area:

  • Grades K-1 line up in the Ron Brown playground
  • Grades 2-6 line up in the courtyard

Inclement Weather Days: 

  • Grade K gathers in the mini-gym (kindergarten students should be dropped off at the 94th street entrance)
  • Grades 1-6 gather in the cafeteria (students should be dropped off at the 95th street entrance and sit at their designated lunch table)
DEPARTURE: What time is afternoon pick-up and where?

School ends at 2:50PM

  • Students will be dismissed from a designated area in the playground, dropped off at Hawk's Nest or escorted to the bus
  • Sixth grade students will be dismissed on their own from their classrooms
  • If you do not pick up your child, he or she will be taken to Hawk's Nest, located in the basement. You can pick up your child there. 
What do I do if I need to change my child's dismissal plan?

For your child's safety, if you need to make changes to the dismissal plan for the day, email the main office at hccs-hces@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu or fax an official note with the dismissal changes to 212-772-6693.

What are the main phone numbers or email addresses I should use to reach the school?
School Office Director - Lisa Siegmann 646-963-6341
Principal - Dawn Roy 212-860-8778
Assistant Principal - Eric Adisa 646-963-6345
Administrative Assistant - Sade Gonzalez 212-860-1291
Administrative Assistant - Diana Rodriguez 212-860-1292
Office Fax 212-772-6693
HCES Counseling Office 212-860-1295
Nurse 212-860-1298
School Bus Cell 917-443-2883
Public Safety Main Lobby 212-860-1264
SNT Bus Dispatch 718-838-5336 / 718-838-4841 / 718-346-9600
*Please visit the HCES website to determine which
phone number to use for your child’s bus route.
Important Safety Contacts:
NYPD 19th Precinct 212-452-0600
HCCS Public Safety 212-860-1264
LUNCH: Where can I find the menu?

HCES offers the K-8 Alternative Lunch Menu from the NYC School Foods Service.

October menu

November menu

December menu

You can view all the menus here: SchoolFood website

Have other questions that you think should be listed here? Email us at info@hcespta.org