Talent Show

The Talent Show is the place to show off mad skills, collaborate with crazy friends, and test those nerves. There is no audition. All HCES students in all grades are encouraged to participate — as groups (which is highly encouraged, esp. for the littlest ones!), duets or solo acts.

This year’s event will be held Sunday, March 4th, 2018.

Come out and be dazzled by our amazing HCES student performers! Save the date for this truly special event.

Below you will find key volunteer roles that we need to fill. Any questions, please contact the Talent Show team at talentshow@hcespta.org.

General Volunteers: To assist during rehearsals & show. Dates include:

Rehearsals, all 3-6pm: Jan 10, 11, Feb 27, 28 & Mar 1
All Day Tech Rehearsal: Sat Mar 3
Show Date: Sun Mar 4

All General Volunteers can pick & choose specific time slots as their availability allows.

Producer: Liaison with Artistic/Production Staff, the school/facilities, performers/families. This person is the overseer of the whole shebang. Doesn’t need to be at every rehearsal, but should have their hand in the pot and know everything that’s going on (rehearsal schedule, timeline, who needs to be where and when and with what). This person should be “in charge” of the team and duly delegate.

Company Manager: This involves communicating with families regarding scheduling. Also in charge of where the performers should be before and after their rehearsal time slot (going to/from HawksNest, checking them out to their caregivers, making sure they sit quietly in the auditorium, etc.)

Associate Producer: The doer. Creates sign-ups for performers and volunteers. Coordinates volunteers for rehearsals and the show. Coordinates program and poster art contest and printing.

Assistant Director: The backup Director and Company Manager, somebody who can fill in at rehearsals to wrangle the kids, also communicates with families regarding rehearsal scheduling.

Assistant Stage Manager: Assists during rehearsals, timing the acts, taking notes about tech needs, running tech items up to the booth as needed, helps coordinate onstage tech volunteers.