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Classroom Supplies Contribution Overview

on Sat, 09/07/2013 - 20:29


What exactly does the Classroom Supplies Contribution fund?

Each classroom teacher receives a grant of approximately $3,000 (14 teachers receive $42,000 in total) to spend in his or her classroom.  This grant enables the enriched program the teacher has planned for, as well as school supplies for each child and general classroom supplies such as:

Clorox wipes; dust busters and brooms; tissues; paper towels; pencils, pens and markers; paint and art supplies; costumes and materials for school plays and/or classroom presentations; blocks and toys (for grades K-1); field trips (buses and admission fees); and so much more.

Specialist teachers (e.g.. chess, French, Spanish, drama, etc.) also receive grants from the PTA ranging from $1,500 to approximately $4,500 to purchase supplies for their programs such as chess materials, sheet music and keyboards, art and studio supplies, etc.  The PTA also uses a portion of your Classroom Supplies Contribution to fund holiday gifts for all teachers, administrators and staff.


When are Classroom Supplies Contributions paid?

Beginning in August, the PTA requests all families contribute $225 per child enrolled at HCES so that classroom supplies can be purchased prior to the start of the school year., (Please note that families with more than one child at HCES are asked to contribute on behalf of each child.)


Why does the PTA collect a Classroom Supplies Contribution from families?

The PTA chooses to collect a contribution for classroom supplies for two important reasons.  The first is that, as a result of paying your Classroom Supplies Contribution, parents are relieved of the burden of having to purchase supplies for their child or having to supply the classroom with any additional items throughout the year.  The second, and more important, reason is that this levels the playing field for all of the students to have the same supplies and materials.

This amount of $225 requested is below the amount that the PTA actually spends per student on classroom grants and teacher gifts.  We aim for 100% participation on the part of parents and we offer multiple ways of payment to help make this easier for all to contribute.  However, we understand that each family’s circumstances are different, so we ask that you contribute what you can afford. 

Amounts donated are kept strictly confidential from the parent body and the administration.  

Classroom Supplies Contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Please remember that many companies match all donations made to the HCES PTA.  If you don't see your employer listed, please ask them to confirm matching is available.