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About HCES

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Lisa Siegmann, Acting Director, Hunter College Campus Schools
Lisa Siegmann, Acting Principal, Hunter College Elementary Schools
Dawn Roy, Assistant Principal

Hunter College Elementary School encompasses kindergarten to sixth grade. Knowledge is attained through an intensive curriculum of a core program that is enhanced by a vast array of special instructional units.

Teachers at HCES use innovative methods to challenge students to their highest potential. Instructional strategies are designed to meet the educational needs and individual learning styles of intellectually gifted students.

The Hunter College Campus Schools are the preeminent schools for gifted education of pre-collegiate students in the nation.

Current Structure of the Schools

The Hunter College Campus Schools consist of an elementary school (kindergarten to sixth grade) and a high school (seventh to twelfth grades) with enrollments of 336 and 1200 students, respectively. The schools are publicly funded, chartered by the board of Trustees of the City University of New York, and administered by Hunter College. They are coeducational laboratory schools for students who exhibit superior cognitive ability, and are organized as research and demonstration centers.

The schools are committed to serving a gifted student body and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin or disability. The elementary program admits students from Manhattan only, whereas the high school admits students from any of the five boroughs of the City of New York.

The schools recognize that gifted students need an atmosphere of freedom in order to meet their own challenges and those presented to them, as well as a curriculum that emphasizes critical and creative thinking and mastery of the spectrum of the arts and sciences. They also require the vital stimulation of a strong program in physical education, and support for sound emotional development.

The schools aspire to be a community in which students come to respect and to appreciate diversity in an environment that fosters social responsibility, ethical behavior, civility, and sensitivity toward others.

Hunter students, as gifted and talented youngsters, tend to be mature for their age, self-motivated, independent, and inventive. They often have artistic and creative talents in addition to their strengths in academic areas. Critical thinking is also a common characteristic.

The Academic Program

The curriculum fulfills New York State mandated guidelines issued by the Board of Regents. Hunter Schools pursue innovative approaches to curriculum and instruction as laboratory schools for the gifted. The schools offer programs that are both rich in breadth and in-depth to the extent that complex academic work is pursued at each grade level.

Contact information

·         High School Main Office: 212-860-1267

·         High School Admissions: 212-860-1261

·         Elementary School Main Office: 212-860-1292

·         Elementary School Principal: 212-860-1291

·         Elementary School Admissions: 212-860-1401

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