Mosaic is a K-12 parent diversity committee addressing issues of race, gender, sexuality, religion, and socioeconomic difference. Our goal is to have the difficult conversations surrounding these issues to increase mutual understanding and foster a sense of community within our school and in the greater society.

Mosaic holds monthly meetings; below please find the meeting schedule as well as dates for our evening events.

All monthly meetings take place on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria.

Monthly Meetings:

Evening Events:

  • Thursday, October 26th – Community Service Night
  • Tuesday, February 27th – Black History Month Event
  • Wednesday, April 11th – Diversity in the Arts Event

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions for speakers or topics that you feel should be on Mosaic’s radar.  We are living in a tumultuous time and there are any number of issues that we could tackle.  Please join us and let us know your thoughts.

Mosaic Co-Chairs,
Jodi Clyde-Rozos (HCHS Parent)
Raasa-Leela de Montebello (HCHS Parent)
Roseanne Ciparick Almanzar (3-K Parent)